10 Reasons Why Bangkok Prep is the Best International School for Your Child

10 Reasons Why Bangkok Prep is the Best International School for Your Child

Your child deserves the best of the best. This is especially the case when it comes to education. This is why Bangkok Prep should be number one in your choice if you’re looking for an international school for your child. This post will share everything you need to know about Bangkok Prep and why it’s the best international school for your young one.

About Bangkok Prep

Bangkok Prep is a 20-year-old world-class international school in Thailand. Everything, from the curriculum, their school calendar, and teaching methodologies is based on the National Curriculum of England. Enrolling your child at Bangkok Prep is as good as sending your child to a British Boarding School. The only difference is your child won’t have to leave the country and be so far away. Bangkok Prep offers premium education to students from Nursery to Year 13.

10 Reasons Why Bangkok Prep is the Best International School for Your Child

The following are the main reasons why you should pick Bangkok Prep as your child’s bridge to a bright and promising future:

Reason #1: Bangkok Prep is Globally Recognized and Accredited

Bangkok Prep is the only international school in Thailand that has gained triple accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the Council of International Schools (CIS), and the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA). Apart from such prestigious accreditations, Bangkok Prep is also a member of the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISA), the International School Association of Thailand (ISAT), and the Thailand International Schools Activity Conference (TISAC).

Reason #2: Bangkok Prep follows the National Curriculum of England

Bangkok Prep students undertake the same curriculum that students in the United Kingdom finish. Said curriculum is made up of 4 key stages. Separate programs are available for the study of English, science, mathematics, citizenship, art and design, computing, geography, history, music, languages, physical education, computing, and design and technology.

Reason #3: Bangkok Prep Campus

Bangkok Prep has campuses that integrate state-of-the-art technology for seamless learning and schooling. Both its campuses are located in a highly safe and secure prime residential area. Bangkok Prep is easily the most conveniently located international school in Thailand. Its primary campus at Sukhumvit 53 has dance and drama studios, an indoor sports complex, a multipurpose indoor sports hall, an elevated jogging track, and a 25-meter outdoor swimming pool. These facilities are in addition to its technologically advanced library, computer rooms, and creative arts center.

Reason #4: Bangkok Prep Learning Community

Bangkok Prep is best for your child because it would give your child the chance to seamlessly experience different cultures through daily immersion in an international learning community. Your child will be one step ahead if you have plans of enrolling your child abroad for college. In Bangkok Prep, your child will be friends with kids from different cultures with different nationalities. Your child will be a well-rounded person with a true appreciation of cultural diversity if he or she will be educated in Bangkok Prep.

Reason #5: Bangkok Prep Extracurricular Activities

The good thing with Bangkok Prep is they don’t solely focus learning activities on academics. They also provide each child a chance to discover their passions, skills, and talents in sports and arts. Bangkok Prep is equipped with a state-of-the-art auditorium that can seat 350 people when students’ talents are showcased.

Reason #6: Bangkok Prep Child Safeguarding

Child safeguarding is the very core of Bangkok Prep’s foundation. Bangkok Prep firmly believes that a child can’t learn well unless they are happy and a child can’t be happy unless they feel safe. This is why it’s always a top priority for Bangkok Prep to always make all its students feel safe, appreciated, and celebrated. All students are supported in their emotional growth. All Bangkok Prep staff are safe to work with children and are well-trained in securing the safety of kids.

Reason #7: Bangkok Prep School Meals

All Bangkok Prep foods and snacks are 100% healthy and of premium quality. All offered meals are varied and diverse. This is possible through the partnership that Bangkok Prep has with Epicure Catering Co., Ltd. Epicure is dedicated to providing nutritious food and snacks to young bodies and young minds that need all the best sustenance for optimized growth and learning.

Reason #8: Bangkok Prep School Transport

As Bangkok Prep campuses are located in prime residential areas, your child will not have a hard time when it comes to transport. For total ease, you can also avail of Bangkok Prep’s door-to-door School Transport Service which comes with a School Travel Manager app that will allow you to monitor and track where your child is when in transit with Bangkok Prep’s transport service.

Reason #9: Bangkok Prep Holiday Camps

Your child will be given all the chance to explore different sports with Bangkok Prep’s holiday camps. All holiday camps are structured to help students feel motivated and empowered to excel. Long-lasting bonds and friendships are also formed during holiday camps. During summer sports camp, your child will get to explore and learn more about basketball, swimming, tennis, football, and gymnastics.

Reason #10: Bangkok Prep Graduates

In the two decades that Bangkok Prep has been educating students in Thailand, it has been successful in sending its graduates to the following top Universities around the world: London School of Economics (LSE), Lancaster University, British Columbia, University of Edinburgh, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Exeter, and more. You should definitely enroll your child at Bangkok Prep if you want to secure the same opportunity for your child.