Care And Maintenance Of Your Mobility Scooter

Care And Maintenance Of Your Mobility Scooter

The most common question people ask before buying a mobility scooter is about maintenance. There is information that they feel necessary to know before buying a mobility scooter. Unlike normal vehicles, mobility scooters have certain requirements that must be considered in regard to proper maintenance.

While the owner’s manual can guide you to take care of your mobility scooter and how to protect it from damage, it is necessary to get your scooter serviced at least once a year. Make sure you get it done from an authorized service centre, which is exclusively available for mobility scooters.

After this article, you will have a better grasp of maintenance areas like storage, the battery and the motor.


Maintaining and taking good care of your battery is essential. Always keep the batteries charged as it is absolutely important in case of emergencies, especially after a long trip. Are you concerned about over charging your batteries? Worry not. The latest scooter models are designed in such a way that they switch off charging automatically after a full charge.

If you are an occasional user, charge your batteries regularly to prevent future damage to the unit. Charging them once every week if they are used minimally is good. If the battery is not regularly charged, it could lead to permanent damage, costing you huge amounts of money in replacement.

It takes a minimum of 24 hours to get a mobility scooter battery charged completely, however it all depends on the features of the battery. In many of these scooters, the green indication light will pop up to indicate that the vehicle is completely charged.

Use the chargers provided with your scooter. Using a quality charger is another factor to consider in order to avoid damage to the batteries. Using a charger that is bigger, smaller, or any other, can damage the unit permanently. As part of the annual service, get the battery tested, as it notifies you about the health condition of your scooter.

Keeping Them Clean And Dry

The surrounding area of the battery terminals should be dirt free. Mudguards, seats, and wheels should also be dirt and grime free as the dirt could find a way down to the moving parts leading to poor performance. Make sure to use a soft cloth to clean the outer parts and avoid washing with water near the battery terminals.

Avoid Parking in Extreme Climates

Another important thing is to leave your mobility scooter in a warm place during winter seasons for better battery performance.

Keep it under a sheltered area during the rainy seasons as there are high chances of the water getting into the battery area making them weak. Also, the scooter should not be parked in areas exposed to high temperatures. Ensure that it is placed in an environment with moderate conditions. Using scooter protection accessories would prevent dust, grime and moisture.

In case of it getting drenched in heavy rain dry it off with a towel to avoid the risk of damage of corrosion, degradation and capacity issues.

Tyre Maintenance

Your mobility scooter should have the right amount of air pressure for a smooth ride. If you own a mobility scooter with pneumatic tyres without maintaining appropriate pressure, you can cause damage.