The Biggest Employers in Las Vegas

The Biggest Employers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its vibrant tourism industry, but the city is also home to a diverse range of employers in other sectors.

If you’re in the job market in the Las Vegas area, consider reaching out to one of these companies or fields:

School Districts

​​School districts near Las Vegas are one of the biggest employers in the area thanks to the large population and growing number of students in the region. As the population grows, the demand for education increases, and school districts need more staff to meet the needs of their students.

Additionally, the school districts in the Las Vegas area are significant employers because they offer a wide range of job opportunities in various fields. They require professionals in education, administration, technology, maintenance, and more.

These positions attract a diverse pool of job seekers, including recent college graduates, experienced professionals, and individuals seeking career changes.

MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts International is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, with a portfolio of nearly 30 unique hotels and destination gaming offerings. In Las Vegas alone, they own and operate 13 resorts, including iconic properties like Bellagio, MGM Grand, and Mandalay Bay. With such an extensive portfolio, they require a significant workforce to maintain and operate these properties.

MGM Resorts International offers a diverse range of job opportunities in various fields, including hospitality, gaming, food and beverage, entertainment, finance, human resources, and more. They employ professionals in entry-level positions as well as experienced executives, providing a broad range of career opportunities for job seekers.

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Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment is another major employer in Las Vegas, with over 30,000 employees. The company operates several resorts and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, including Caesars Palace, the Flamingo, and the Paris Las Vegas.

Caesars Entertainment offers competitive salaries and benefits packages to its employees, including health insurance, retirement plans, employee discounts, and more. These benefits packages make them an attractive employer for job seekers in the Las Vegas area.

Living in Las Vegas

If you’re looking to rent a house in Las Vegas, you have plenty of options. The city has a range of rental properties available, from apartments and condos to single-family homes. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Las Vegas is around $1,300 per month, but rental prices can vary depending on the location and amenities.

One area to consider when looking for houses for rent in Las Vegas is Summerlin, a master-planned community located on the west side of the city. Summerlin offers a range of housing options, including apartments, condos, and single-family homes. The community also has plenty of amenities, including parks, trails, and shopping centers.

Another area to consider is Henderson, a suburb located southeast of Las Vegas. Henderson offers a range of housing options and has a lower cost of living compared to Las Vegas. The city has several parks and outdoor recreation areas, including Lake Mead National Recreation Area.