The Wonderful World of Adult Learning

The Wonderful World of Adult Learning

Finishing secondary or higher education doesn’t have to be where your learning experience ends.

When we graduate from high school, we are usually done with school for good. We want out of there. We have had roughly 13 years of schooling by then and we are desperate to start making our own money. The world of work is calling, though some of us choose to continue into further or higher education from that point forward.

What most of us don’t expect, is that we will have to go back into education on and off again throughout our lives. When we leave school, we feel that there is a huge finality to it, but this is not the case. We need to normalise this return to education after our school years have ended. It’s the best way to keep gathering new experience and qualifications, even while we are in the working world.

Adult Learning is Learning After School Years

Adult learning is something that we think of as reserved for those that didn’t do well in school. Again, we need to dispel this myth. Yes, there are learning and education programmes run by the UK government to tackle these issues, but there are far more courses and day and night classes available for adults than you may realise.

Adult learning might take place when you are an adult, but that’s the only qualification it needs to earn the use of that title. Thus, adult education covers everything from basic literacy and numeracy, right through to learning how to become a cloud computing architect and build software that powers a company. There’s so much scope that you can choose to learn anything you like in this life. Want to cook? Do it. Want to be a fashionista? Study it. Want to learn how to sail a ferry? It’s at your fingertips.

Learning Opportunities for Homeless People - a Community crowdfunding  project in Sheffield by Laura Baker

The Benefits of Adult Learning

Since we have our whole lives to learn anything we wish, the world of adult learning comes with several benefits. The main one – and the primary reason you should do it – is that you increase your skillset and change and shape your life. You can’t follow your dream of owning a pottery shop on the coast if you don’t know how to make pottery. In the corporate world, without courses like those offered by Hays Education, you might never be able to safeguard future generations or learn how to look after the wellbeing of your staff.

Adult learning has a list of benefits that boost the confidence of both the individual and the employee. Some of these include:

  • Greater on the job confidence
  • A better skillset
  • The ability to shape your future according to your dreams
  • Greater flexibility in job position
  • Far more opportunities in life

If you were not able to go to university or college in your younger years, the world of adult learning awaits. Book yourself onto a course or starts small with a free course. Alternatively, ask your employer about training opportunities in your workplace. All of it goes towards building a better future for yourself.