Top 10 Places for Expats to Visit in Hong Kong this 2022

Top 10 Places for Expats to Visit in Hong Kong this 2022

Hong Kong is an advanced business hub where different cultures meet and thrive. It’s the perfect place to explore if you want a cosmopolitan that can offer a laid-back yet modern atmosphere. You should know some of the best places if you’re an expats friend or business partner in Hong Kong. To help you on this, we’d enlist just that. We will share the top best places to visit if you’re an expat and you’d be traveling to Hong Kong.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Hong Kong this 2022

1. Cat Street Antique Market

It’s always best to start at Cat Street if you want to get a solid start when touring in Hong Kong. It’s filled with souvenirs, trinkets, and antiques. There will always be something that Cat Street can offer you no matter your personality and interest. It’s also just a short walk away from Man Mo Temple. You’d love how you’d get a pocket of pause after a fun exploration of shops and what-nots here and there. It’s something that will uniquely introduce Hong Kong’s varied culture to an adventurous expat.

2. Chung King Mansions

Every expat knows that shopping is fun in Hong Kong. So much so that it has a shopping area that is entirely dedicated to spices, cheap electronics, and more —that is Chung King Mansions. Chung King Mansions is fantastic if you want to explore more of Hong Kong’s cuisine. It is brimming with private kitchens that can teach you delicious local cuisine. It is a must-visit if you’re a foodie or someone who’s up for an adventure or two when it comes to shopping.

3. Tian Tan Buddha

No Hong Kong visit can be said to be complete if no visit to the giant Tian Tan Buddha is made. A visit here is always fun as you’d get to ride a cable car. The “Big Buddha” is a famous Hong Kong tourist attraction that was constructed in 1993. it is made of over 200 separate bronze pieces. It is a sight to behold because it is 34 meters high. It is next door to the Po Lin Monastery which is also a beautiful place to visit if you’re the religious kind.

4. Wong Tai Sin Temple

Do you have a wish that you want to come true? Then best visit Hong Kong’s Wong Tai Sin Temple. This popular temple is known to make every wish come true upon request. This is why it’s one of Hong Kong’s busiest temples. It’s also one of its biggest. The Wong Tai Sin Temple is pretty special because it is home to three beliefs – Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. It is also the only temple in Hong Kong that is allowed to conduct a Taoist wedding. It can also issue wedding certificates. If you’d only have time to visit one temple in Hong Kong, make it Wong Tai Sin Temple.

5. Disneyland

You shouldn’t miss your chance to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. Built in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the country’s top tourist destinations. Because who doesn’t want to visit the happiest place on Earth, right? Hong Kong Disneyland is special because it has unique attractions, it has spaces dedicated to Marvel, Frozen, and Star Wars that expats, especially ones with kids, will enjoy.

6. Lamma Island

If you’re hoping to enjoy relaxing family walks around Hong Kong, then Lamma Island is the place to visit. It is a transformed Chinese fishing village that now offers a special attraction among tourists. It is filled with beautiful hills, beaches, and temples.

7. Ocean Park

A day is not enough to fully enjoy Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. It is the city’s original theme park so it is a must-visit for all tourists. It is one-of-a-kind because it is a marine park, amusement park, animal theme park, and oceanarium all in one. This is why it is loved by kids of all ages! Visiting Ocean Park will be extra memorable for you as you’d also get to see Ying Ying and Lele, the park’s resident giant pandas.

8. Chi Lin Nunnery

If you want to be fully serene amidst all the city’s hustle and bustle, you should visit Chi Lin Nunnery. It was originally constructed as a retreat for Buddhist nuns. It was reconstructed in 1998 and not a single nail was used. It was made to stand just by using interlocking pieces of wood. This kind of construction sends a message as to how humans and nature can be in harmony. To reach the place, you can easily ride the Diamond Hill MTR and walk from there.

9. Tai Kwun

This is the place to visit if you’re an artist and after all things creative. Tai Kwun perfectly reflects Hong Kong’s art scene. It is home to the Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts where tourists can enjoy innovative heritage, colonial architecture, and lifestyle shops. As it is 27,900 square meters wide, you can use five gates to access the area.

10. Noah’s Ark Hong Kong

If you want to explore something unique, you should check out Noah’s Ark Hong Kong. This theme park is home to the only full-sized replica of the bible’s Noah’s Ark. This is best if you want to spend a leisurely and educational day with kids. Expats with kids love exploring this place. It has exhibits of the solar system and numerous interactive games. The good thing about this theme park is its accessibility. It can be accessed via car, MTR, ferry, or bus. It is next to the Tsing Ma Bridge.