Transcription Services for Interviews

Transcription Services for Interviews

There are several benefits to having a professional transcribe your interview, including the ability to refer back to it at any time.

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1) Why Do I Need Transcripts?

There are many reasons why you may need transcripts for interviews. One common use of interview transcriptions is to support research by making large data sets searchable for ideas or findings that could inform future work or new projects. With so much valuable information hidden in audio recordings, transcripts can make all that information more accessible and easier to find. For example, journalists use transcripts as backup documentation when reporting on audio recordings related to politicians, government officials or business leaders. Journalists also rely on transcripts as evidence if their story needs verification from another source with similar knowledge about what was discussed in an interview (i.e., did President Obama really say he wants more troops?). In addition, lawyers often make use of transcripts as primary documents in trials because of witness tampering concerns with recorded conversations and video footage.

2) How Do I Go About Getting Them?

What are some good interview transcription services? There are several to choose from. One example is Transcribe It, which provides high-quality video and audio transcriptions as well as transcriptions for market research and medicine. Before using any service, you’ll want to ask about their turnaround time, quality, and prices.

3) How Much Do They Cost?

You will have to create an account and register. There are transcription services that do not require registration, but most of them do. Once registered, you can send in your order and ask for a quote. You can make payments through online checkout or by credit card.

Transcribe Interview: Interview and Academic Transcription Services

4) Where Can I Get Them Done?

Most professionals find that it is easiest to take interview recordings in their offices. A less expensive alternative would be to take them outside of your office, such as in an outdoor environment or on-site at an event. This makes it easier to get someone else to transcribe them. It can be more convenient than bringing transcriptionists back and forth from your office.

To Conclude…

Reasons you should consider using transcription services for interviews:

– To focus on what you are recording, without having to listen carefully or take notes.

– Access and ability to review recordings at any time.

– Have a clear, written representation of each interviewee so that you can show your coworkers and choose the best candidate.

There are multiple benefits to using transcriptions, so go get started!