What Are Some Of The Best Nonfiction Books By Sir Patrick Bijou?

What Are Some Of The Best Nonfiction Books By Sir Patrick Bijou?

Sir Patrick Bijou has worked at companies such as Wells Fargo, Crédit Agricole, and Deutsche Bank. He is also the President of the Commonwealth Enterprise Club’s International Banking and Relations Committee.

In 2021, he was promoted to Senior Judge and appointed as a UN Ambassador and an Ambassador Diplomat at World Peace Tracts. He is the Supreme Council of the International Rights and Welfare Association’s Global Ambassadors for World Peace and Humanity and Justice (IRAWA).

Sir Patrick is also the UN Ambassador for the United Nations’ Royal Diplomatic Organisation. Sir Patrick has written over 21 books on various subjects, including fiction and nonfiction.

Below are some of the best nonfiction books by Sir Patrick Bijou,

The Blueprint To Intelligent Investors:

Discover the Blueprint for Successful Investing and Learn How to Grow Your Wealth the Smart Way! Do you realise what the world’s tragic truth is? The fact that the odds are usually stacked against you. And do you want to know what’s even worse? There is a technique to make those changes work to your advantage, but people are frightened to use it! Learn how to use failsafe investing ideas to ensure financial security for yourself, your children, and their families for the rest of their lives.

Make Money Doing Nothing:

Are you interested in making money without having to work yourself to death? Is the prospect of receiving money regularly exciting to you? Are you sick of being paid depending on how many hours you work? You should think about getting engaged with something that will pay you money.

This guide will show you how. This book gives you the skills, relationships, and knowledge you need to create big money from passive income and demonstrates how you can make a lot of money by doing very little work.

Guide to Private Placement Project Funding Trade Programs: Understanding High-Level Project Funding Trade Programs:

This book reveals a truth that only a few people will ever know since it has been purposefully kept hidden. Learning about a financial structure that will enable you to earn considerably more profits than the banks; capacity to pay

The Internet is full of fraudsters, cheats, and criminals who distribute false information, resulting in several potential investors being burned. Fortunately, over 35 years in banking have provided the author with a winning formula and remedy for the key to legal trading programmes, debunking the fallacies about their existence.

How To Trade Derivatives And CFDs To Make Millions?

You will receive a full tutorial on starting trading derivatives and CFDs and earning millions using the strategies and approaches outlined. The book also teaches you how to manage the dangers of trading and avoid losing money while doing so.

This book results from extensive research on derivatives and CFDs, observation of trading trends over the last few decades, and my tried-and-true methods for trading derivatives and CFDs.