Can you Train Employees to Look After Their Own Wellbeing?

Can you Train Employees to Look After Their Own Wellbeing?

The modern workforce is remote, so can remote workers train themselves for better wellbeing?

As the pandemic threatens to come around for another pass at us, can we expect employees to learn to look after their own mental health? Many thousands of us were forced into remote positions in the last two years, even though some of us had no wish to become remote workers.

Employees have been faced with countless struggles that were unforeseen back in 2019. From having to home school children while holding down their 9-5, to being stuck indoors for extended periods of time without any respite. The last two years have been horrendously hazardous for our employees, so isn’t it about time we started arming them with the tools they need to protect themselves?

Our Employees are Suffering

While Gen Z workers have notoriously surprised everyone with their willingness to adapt to remote work and refuse to return to the office, this hasn’t been the case for thousands of other UK based office workers. Countless members of Joe public relied on the commute to have some quiet time after packing the kids off to school, making up lunches, getting their partner out of bed, and having a hell of a morning.

Blended learning in primary and secondary schools has turned thousands of workers into teachers, too. Straight after we asked them to stay at home and work from the back breaking kitchen table, we then told them to take their kids home, too, and look after them while they filled in their work day.

Our employees are suffering. Many of them didn’t even ever make it back to the office before being sent away again. Nevertheless, there are things we can do to help those employees suffer less, and online training means less viral transmission while they learn from home.

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How to Help Overcome Employee Instability with Remote Workers?

With millions of everyday office workers now relegated the Working from Home lifestyle, the rise in online training courses has been sufficient. With a plethora of new training courses on the market, it’s imperative that you stick to what you know and choose a reputable online training firm before you send your employees to them. We recommend Hays Wellbeing Training, since Hays have been a respected partner to many firms seeking online training for years now.

Training really is the key here. Wellbeing training can teach your employees how to spot their own triggers, recognise when things are turning harder for them, and speak out. Wellbeing training identifies ongoing mental health issues, helps your employees feel supported, and connects your remote staff members together. Remote staff are known for feeling out of the loop of your business. Wellbeing training is a way of drumming up inclusivity.

Training Could Lower Staff Turnover

The reason we are so invested in promoting staff training is twofold. There is a huge skills gap in the workforce and it’s not just digital. There are also too many employees losing careers due to overwhelming stress. Let’s help stop the turnover and get back to business as usual.